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With a successful completion of this program, we hope to guide men to resume their roles in our community, move on towards gainful employment, become providers for their families and find healthy alternatives for leading successful lives in our community. It is our intention to help men resume their position in their communities, achieve gainful employment, become providers for their families and find healthy alternatives for leading successful lives.

Former residents share their stories and their experiences while at Ella’s Foundation.  Here, you will hear stories from fathers, husbands, sons and brothers sharing words of wisdom, inspiration, and healing.  As their experiences vary, they all share the common bond of “Men at Work”, working towards change, restoration and healing, showing us all that offering a hand up is often the only thing a person needs to help them get back up.



For five years, Ella's Foundation has donated toys to HUNDREDS of Inner-city families. We would like to extend the opportunity for you to join us and give a Christmas Experience to South LA families in need. In 2019, our largest event yet, we gave away toy to over 600 families and had a day of fun filled joy with music, food, games, VIP Pamper Pop Up, interactive Christmas stories and so much more!!!​​ So DONATE TODAY to make next Christmas the "BEST CHRISTMAS EVER" for children who are most in need.


Harnessing feelings,traumas and emotions through comedy.

Con Comedy is a Comedy Workshop funded by the California Arts Council and facilitated by veteran comedian Adam Barnhardt.  Con Comedy was developed to create an awareness and a platform of the affects of comedy on formerly incarcerated individuals.   Con Comedy helps these individuals learn how to harness their feelings, traumas and emotions through Comedy Therapy. Comedy Therapy allows for an openness and honest dialogue about the feelings, traumas emotions that led individuals to criminal lifestyles.  Once these feelings, traumas are expressed verbally, individuals will learn how to normalize these feelings through comedy. 


"We have housed several of our clients at Ella’s Foundation and found them to be a valuable resource and partner as we work to get our clients into permanent housing.  Ella’s Foundation offers more than "just a bed”; they provide a linkage to vocational and educational resources, mental health and substance abuse treatment, and tailors its services to individual client needs. We are pleased to support Ella’s Foundation and the good work that they are doing to help homeless and formerly incarcerated individuals. Within the city of Los Angeles, there is a severe lack of affordable housing and an even greater need for supportive services. The case management, attention and commitment that Ella’s Foundation staff demonstrates in their work are critical to helping individuals to stabilize, and move forward with their lives."

Step Up on Second Street, Inc. 

T.  Lipka CEO

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