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Ella's Foundation is committed to restoring the lives of men in our community that are in transition due to life altering events, so that we may connect them to a community of support through housing and direct services to build productive and sustainable lives.



 Ella’s Foundation is a Los Angeles-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization that began rendering its services to individuals seeking emergency housing.  This legacy began with Ella Craine, a local matriarch who kept an open door for all those who needed help.  Nearly 40 years later, Ella's Foundation continues this legacy by offering a "home" to men in our community that are in transition in their lives due to some life altering event, experience or circumstance.  We provide housing for adult males 18-65 years old, including veterans, those formerly incarcerated and those who are aging out of foster care


Los Angeles has one of the highest populations of disenfranchised and displaced individuals in the nation.  Leading this population are adult males, whose roles as fathers, husbands, sons and brothers have been replaced with "ex-felon", "addict", "homeless" and "mentally challenged".  Along with these roles are the stigma that prevents our community from helping these men restore their lives.  We believe these men are the most in need, yet are the most underserved.  By providing them with a stable, nurturing and structured housing environment we can begin the healing process to help them restore their lives and resume their respective roles in society.  With a mindset of "offering a hand up...not a handout...", we are committed to helping men build sustainable lives for themselves and their families.


Our commitment to help those underserved in our community is shown by the successful outcomes of the many and varying populations we serve.  These men, whose needs although varied, move on to become gainfully employed, overcome addictions, reunite with families, manage their mental illness, secure permanent housing and become productive members of society.  We believe that it is through the act of being of service that we can foster an atmosphere of change and tolerance to remove the stigma that accompanies homelessness, incarceration, mental illness and substance abuse disorders. 



Los Angeles has the highest population of  chronically homeless individuals and nearly all of them sleep on the street.  Ella’s Foundation Supportive Housing program is designed to assist homeless adult males (18-65 years old) in the transition from homelessness to sustainable living, by providing them access to supportive services while being housed at Ella’s Foundation.  We provide housing for the following populations;  AB109, TAY, FSP, Veterans and to anyone who is homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.


Ella’s Foundation operates two supportive housing locations in Los Angeles and has a 40-bed capacity. Our homes are newly remodeled, four bedroom duplex units and each house has a total of (8) bedrooms, and (4) baths. Our residence includes on-site laundry facilities, cable television, 24-hour staffing, and well-prepared meals.



In April of 2011, Governor Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 109, an initiative designed to reduce state prison populations by sentencing new, non-serious, non-violent or non-sexual offenders to county jail instead. Upon release, individuals are offered a variety of supportive services to assist in a successful re-entry into society.  To aid in this process, we provide   Housing for AB109 participants that include meals, hygiene supplies, clothing, Life Skills Support Groups,  Case Management, Individualized Service Plan, Permanent Housing assistance Workforce Development. 



Currently, Los Angeles County has over 44,000 homeless individuals, of which nearly 6,000 of them are transitional aged youth between the ages of 18-24 years old. The increase of youth homelessness can be attributed to a higher number of children being emancipated from foster care with no available resources once they turn 18 years old. Our TAY Housing Program provides emergency housing services with 24/7 staff available to help individuals with mental health challenges, housing, physical health treatment, transportation, and other needs to help them function independently in their community .



Our M.I.S.T housing program services help to meet the need for intensive residential services to assist clients in transitioning from locked placements to community living. Our primary focus is enriched treatment in a structured residential environment with intensive mental health supportive services to transition individuals into a stable community placement and prepares them for more independent community living.



Supportive services are critical to ensuring that the men we serve are not only able to move into permanent housing, but are able to maintain longevity in their homes.   Working within the model of "client centered", our counseling and case management focuses on helping those struggling with the challenges and daily pressures of life while providing them with tools to overcome obstacles that may impede their success.  

Employment Readiness

One of the most critical factors that lead to homelessness is the lack of having the means to sustain oneself. Our team works with individuals to help them overcome employment barriers, such as incarceration, lack of work or education, disabilities, gaps in employment and limited job search skills just to name a few. To aid in our efforts, we provide basic computer skills to complete online applications, resume writing and job search via the Internet. Additionally, we show them how to present tax credits to prospective employers, address difficult questions during an interview and learn how to maintain a positive attitude during the entire process.

"Men at Work” Life Skills Support

This group is designed to address the wide range of issues that prevent men in our community from effectively stepping into their respective roles as fathers, husbands, sons, providers and leaders in our community.  Our “no holds barred” approach addresses the social climate of our communities, and its effects on men from emotional and behavioral issues, violence, substance abuse, family breakdown, depression, unemployment, and homelessness.  Through peer support groups, and one on one counseling we help men to reshape their thinking and behaviors as well as help them develop effective tools for communication and coping with day-to-day challenges.  With a successful completion of this program, we hope to guide men to resume their roles in our community, move on towards gainful employment, become providers for their families and find healthy alternatives for leading successful lives in our community.
Relapse Prevention 
Substance abuse is one of the major factors that lead to homelessness.  Therefore, our relapse prevention groups are designed to help individuals identify and understand the process of regression and how relapse is something that happens before one ever picks up a drink or drug.  With the understanding that the struggle to stay sober can last for years, leading to constant bouts with relapse, we   educate men on how to effectively cope with emotional and external triggers brought on by trauma, co-occurring disorders, and the day to day challenges of life.

Ella's Foundation Annual Jingle Jam Toy Giveaway 

For five years, Ella's Foundation has donated toys to HUNDREDS of Inner-city families.

We would like to extend the opportunity for you to join us and give a Christmas Experience to South LA families in need. In 2019, our largest event yet , we gave away toy to over 600 families and had a day of fun filled joy with music, food, games, VIP Pamper Pop Up, interactive Christmas stories and so much more!!!

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Former residents share their stories and their experiences while at Ella’s Foundation.  Here, you will hear stories from fathers, husbands, sons and brothers sharing words of wisdom, inspiration, and healing.  As their experiences vary, they all share the common bond of “Men at Work”, working towards change, restoration and healing, showing us all that offering a hand up is often the only thing a person needs to help them get back up.




Step Up on Second Street, Inc. 

T.  Lipka CEO


"We have housed several of our clients at Ella’s Foundation and found them to be a valuable resource and partner as we work to get our clients into permanent housing.  Ella’s Foundation offers more than "just a bed”; they provide a linkage to vocational and educational resources, mental health and substance abuse treatment, and tailors its services to individual client needs. We are pleased to support Ella’s Foundation and the good work that they are doing to help homeless and formerly incarcerated individuals. Within the city of Los Angeles, there is a severe lack of affordable housing and an even greater need for supportive services. The case management, attention and commitment that Ella’s Foundation staff demonstrates in their work are critical to helping individuals to stabilize, and move forward with their lives."


Ella’s Foundation Resident 2014

A. Smith


"From the time  I came to Ella’s Foundation, I was welcomed by staff who seemed to really care about me, and not just "going through the motions." They listened and instead of telling me what I had to do, they asked me what I wanted to get from this experience. I told them that I needed to get a job, get out the system, and get my kids back. They helped me to write my resume, and to prepare for my first interview.  Shortly after, I was hired as a General Laborer, working in a warehouse. I was encouraged to get my forklift license to help me get a promotion. I attended all the house meetings, reported to my probation officer and did everything that I was supposed to do. When I left Ella’s Foundation, I left with a set of keys to my apartment, a job making $22.00 an hour, and I awarded custody of my two daughters. Ella’s Foundation helped me to believe in myself and want something better for me and my kids. I can’t thank them enough for everything that they did for me!"

Kedren Mental Health Services 

D. Dorty, Program Director AB109 Reentry Housing


"We have been utilizing Ella’s Foundation since August 2012. Ella’s Foundation has been our most reliable resource for housing, and has worked with our clientele to assure that they are comfortable and able to adapt to their new living environment. Ronnie has been prompt and professional in meeting our needs, and we can rely on him to house our clientele. Whenever we are faced with difficulty in housing any of our clientele, Ronnie has come through for us. We in the AB109 Community Reentry Program are appreciative to Ella’s Foundation for their support, in assisting us to provide housing for our clientele."


Pacific Clinics

V. Onwualu Program Director


" Ella’s Foundation has proven to be one of the few housing providers who have shown a commitment to service clients at a level of professionalism that has more than satisfied our expectations.  For these reasons, Ella’s Foundation continues to be one of the few housing providers chosen to provide its housing services to Pacific Clinics."



Ella’s Foundation Resident 2011

C. Hawkins, Sr.


“I’ve been living on the streets for over 38 years because I didn’t know how to stop getting high.  My family finally got tired of trying to help me, and I got tired of trying to help myself, so I lived on the streets where I didn’t have to be a burden to anyone and did what I needed to do to get high. After years of using and going back and forth to prison, I decided that I  wanted to get my life together.  Someone told me about Ella’s Foundation, and they accepted me.  Once I got there, I knew that this was where I was supposed to be. The staff treated me like a human being and didn’t judge me.  They gave me a clean bed, a television in my room, good food, hope and the patience to take it one day at a time.  After three months at Ella’s Foundation, I found a job and started saving and eventually bought a car.  I continued to save money and finally was able to get my own place after living on the streets all my life.  There were times when I didn’t think I would see this day, but Ella’s Foundation helped me to stay focused, and they supported me all the way! They even helped me to furnish my apartment. I have been sober for five years now, and I got my life back … most of all I got my family back.  I know I will never live on the streets again, and I thank Ella’s Foundation for giving me the strength and the courage that I needed."





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